About the Book

We Won’t Get Fooled Again is an in-depth expose of the so-called Religious Right, the most reviled and feared voting bloc in the past 30 years of American politics.  However, despite all of the attacks and the acclaim, there is little evidence the movement actually has accomplished any of its objectives.  This is why Gregg Jackson and Steve Deace sought out leaders in the movement to get their take on where the fight for righteousness in America went wrong.

What makes We Won’t Get Fooled Again unique is that the book is written by two conservative Christians who have, up to this point, rallied on behalf of the very people they now expose.  Both authors saw the need to expose a story that has only been talked about behind closed doors . . . that many leaders in the Christian Right compromised their stated values and beliefs to gain position in the political system.

After three years of interviews and research best-selling author Gregg Jackson and syndicated radio host Steve Deace tragically came to believe the movement may have done more to advance the Left's agenda than the liberals could have ever accomplished on their own.

But that's not just their opinion.

What sets We Won't Get Fooled Again apart is that for the first time you'll read, in their own words, statements from recognized leaders within the movement who reveal that this controversial conclusion is shared by several within the movement itself. That's why We Won't Get fooled Again isn't just an expose of a powerful movement that's lost its way, but also a plea to its next generation to get on our knees and pray we won't get fooled again.