Meet Steve Deace: Iowa Radio’s Christian Conservative Hitmaker – and Hitman

by Dylan Stableford and Holly Bailey of Yahoo! News and Shushannah Walshe of ABC News

Love him or hate him, Steve Deace doesn't mince words.

During a wide-ranging interview with ABC News and Yahoo News this week (for a profile published Friday), the newly-syndicated radio talk-show host, who was largely responsible for Mike Huckabee's defeat of Mitt Romney in the 2008 Iowa caucuses, sounded off on a variety of topics--many critical to the state's upcoming Republican contest.

On his role in the 2012 race:

First of all, candidates win elections not talk show hosts. I don't really view myself as a leader. If anything, I'm an amplifier. I just happen to be the one person from this group of people that has a microphone in front of their face. ... I want to make sure that the candidates get a thorough vetting to the point that they don't want to come back to Iowa again. That we gave them an ideological, moral proctology exam.

On the choice between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama in a general election:

Someone doesn't become morally righteous just because we're comparing them to somebody that is just that much worse. Two dudes break into your home, both of them have guns. One of them, he just wants to rob you, so he might blow your kneecap off, so you can't stop him or call the police. The other guy is just a cold-blooded killer. He's going to shoot you in the head. Now I suppose the one who's gonna shoot your kneecap off is better than the one that's going to shoot you in the head, but I don't think anybody's going to make the argument that either one of them is good. To me, that's a false choice. I don't think the unborn baby is any less dead because a Republican killed it. I don't think my money is any less stolen because a Republican took it.

On if his influence has diminished, now that he has left local drive-time radio in favor of syndication:

If anything, I probably have more access to the process much more now than I did four years ago particularly because I'm not seen as the champion of one candidate. I might have more influence this time than I had four years ago. It's just a different kind of influence. I think our show will have a tremendous influence on the outcome, but it won't be necessarily picking a horse in the race.

On finding God:

My wife will tell you that she's on her second marriage. She's married to a different guy than she originally married and about 10 yrs ago I went to a Promise Keepers event in Kansas City, Missouri, and it changed my life and I answered an altar call and it changed my life. And I answered an altar call, which I previously thought were only for really bad Pentecostal television and to this day I don't recall every detail of it. In fact, I remember resisting and then I don't remember a few minutes. And then I remember being on the floor of Kemper Arena crying my eyes out. And that's the day basically God just got a hold of me and said we are going to deal with the issues and the demons you've been fighting for years. Ever since that day I've just been a different person, little by little. I'm not perfect, but my whole perspective on the world has been radically different since that day.

On the "sin" of homosexuality:

I think that we are dealing with a movement that wants to redefine the moral code in America. I don't believe, for example, there such a thing as gay people. There are two different kinds of people there are men and there are women. I barely made it out of community college, but the last time I saw the male and female form naked it appears they do have parts that fit together for a purpose. So I reject the premise that anybody is anything other than male or female. The idea of sexual orientation not a biblical concept. In the Bible we have a sin orientation and all of us have one. Before God saved me, I would have frankly had sex with any woman that was willing to. So we all have a sin orientation. For me, it is living the life that God has called me to live and we are better off when we listen to Him and worse off we don't--regardless of what kind of behavior that you want to engage in.